No! Actually very easy and if you review the installation instructions under the “RESOURCES” section you will see just how easy it is!
Yes. It is designed for 55 gal barrels with roughly a 23” diameter.
No. It is designed to be used with standard two “sliding leg” control units.
Approximately 15-30 minutes in the field.
Typically 15-20 minutes or less. This includes assembly of the base unit itself, then adding the barrel and control unit. It is relatively easy.
Yes. The bottom plate adjusts up & down to accommodate various spinner plates.
The short gated spinner plate is ideal. It allows you to narrow the gap between the plates reducing the ability for varmints to reach the spinner plate.
Yes. The top plate is adjustable up and down to accommodate all the typical funnel lengths from 1-1/4” to 2-1/4”. See the installation instructions for more information.
Big time savings if you install the L-Brackets to the top plate, and add both nuts to the bolts before going into the field. Saves approximately 10 minutes.
If your control unit has variable motor speeds (most do and are part of the programming of the feed times, run seconds, and speed.) reduce the throw distance by reducing the motor speed.
Believe it or not but this is the most difficult part of the installation process. A long screw driver is suggested, and be sure to follow the installation instructions. They show you how to get it done effectively and efficiently.
Both units are designed and packaged for shipping unlike many ground fill feeders that you must pick up with a truck or trailer.
Yes. As a precaution. However; we have units in the field that have been operational for over three years and never re-tightened. If tightened properly at initial install, it is difficult for nuts to loosen over time.
You want to narrow the gap between the plates as narrow as possible… but making sure there is no interference between the rotating spinner and the plates. The narrower the gap the more varmint proof the unit is.
No. The plate unit can be installed with a full, partially full, or empty barrel. Simply plug the funnel with a sock, rag, or plastic bag while you do your installation. Be sure to remove the plug before you test run your unit after install.
Yes. You will have to pick up the barrel and set it on the base unit. It can cause serious injury if you try to lift a barrel with feed still in it! Safety first!
The plates are purposely made from galvanized metal sheet to reduce the ability for the plates to rust.