It began in November of 2015 – during the middle of the rut and at the absolute worst time to not have feeders operational. The raccoons lynch mobbed two of my feeders draining them of 300 lbs of corn in less than three days! Where did they come from – haven’t been a problem before. Game cameras showed as many as five masked bandits stealing in the night working methodically as a team to drain my barrels of corn!

Determined to not be out smarted by a varmint I set out on a mission. Over the course of the next year I spent dollar after dollar on cages, varmint proof spinner plates, PVC pipes, spike strips, and others only to watch them conquer those deterrents. While sitting in a box blind one day, I had the thought of taking two plates and sandwiching the spinner plate on my barrel control unit. After tinkering with multiple designs and concepts, and installing handmade prototypes, the PROThrow 360 was born!

As time went on and after basking in the delight of winning the war, the next generation of the PROThrow came to light! I like to hunt pigs just as much as deer here in North Texas. I found that a group of pigs would clean out a broadcast of corn in less than seven minutes. So I then put up pens around my feeders which worked well to leave the feed for the deer. However; the pigs quit coming as they could not get to the corn. Do I make my pens smaller (which deer don’t like), or find a way to broadcast corn farther? The concept of a baffled plate was born! The baffles cause the feed to be thrown up and out a greater distance and throwing 3-5 feet outside my pens. The pigs returned but the majority of the feed was left inside the pen for the deer. A perfect world to say the least!

Today, I  am an entrepreneur attempting  to start a business supplying a proven and quality product to the average hunter at a reasonable cost. I simply want to help hunters better their experience in the field! I hope you will try our products – they do work – and I am truly grateful for each and every one who has  purchased from us! God Bless and Good Hunting!

Larry West – Entrepreneur & Owner

PROThrow Feeder Products